CS6620 Advanced Graphics 2 University of Utah
Prof: Peter Shirley Ray Tracing Sem: Spring 2002

Assignment 05a - Specular Study

On top of the framework I built for Assignment 05 - Solid Texture (Marble), I've added specular lighting.

Timings (MM:SS.S) are for 500x500 pixel images on a PentiumIII 733Mhz with 384MB SDRAM
(unless otherwise noted).

phong-1 phong-2 phong-4
exponent = 1exponent = 2exponent = 4
tga or tif tga or tif tga or tif

phong-8 phong-16 phong-32
exponent = 8exponent = 16exponent = 32
tga or tif tga or tif tga or tif

phong-64 phong-128 phong-256
exponent = 64exponent = 128exponent = 256
tga or tif tga or tif tga or tif

(click on each image for a larger view).

All of the images above can be regenerated by specifying the appropriate scene file on the command line of the rayn program rayn-05a.zip (??? Kb). The source code is included in the zip file. Here is a description of the command line parameters for rayn.
usage: rayn [options] <scene_file>


             <scene_file>    file containing scene description


  -o         <output_file>   output image filename (output.tga)
  -w         <width>         width of output image (256)
  -h         <height>        height of output image (256)
  -shadows   <true/false>    generate shadow rays (true)
  -rgs       <true/false>    generate regular grid subdivision (true)
  -bvh       <true/false>    generate bounding volume hierarchy (false)
  -sort      <true/false>    sort (not split) the surface list (false)
  -cull      <true/false>    cull backfacing triangles (false)

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March 2002
© Nate Robins